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001. You must be a member to request anything.
002. All requests in comments will be ignored, make your request in a post.
003. Be specific when you're requesting, "I want something cute not plain," won't work.
004. Be polite to everyone.
005. Give credit when it's deserved.
006. Don't promote other communities/users!! It's annoying.
007. Use an lj-cut when your request is long.
008. Please use our form when requesting layouts, it saves on time and questions.

Any questions view the FAQ's.

  • Give credit where it's due.
  • Please do not IM anyone asking for a layout.

elephino (Michelle) - Owner

  • For any colors you want please view this chart and give us the six digit code for the color you want.

Page title: (What this is)

Where would you like your entries?: (right, left, center, etc.)

Width of Entries: (thin, normal, wide)

What type of border? (Borders):


- size: (Borders)

- color:

Link colors:

- active:

- visited:

- unvisited:

- hover:

Link effects (Blur, Glow, Letter Spacing, Overline, Underline and/or Overline, Line-Through, Uppercase, Lowercase, Border, Bold, Italic, Underline, Etc.): (Some effects)

Cursor: (Basic cursors) (Graphic cursors)- For the graphic cursors, please give us a page number and which box it is on that page.

Background color:

Background color for journal entries:

Background URL:

Background placement:


Font color:

Font size:

Scrollbar colors: (The different aspects of a scrollbar)

Page Transition (please give the transition number): (A list of transitions)

What do you want your comments to say?:

- Post Comment:

- # of Comments:

Any blinkie you want in between your comments? (Sample Blinkies)

If so, what?: (Provide the website or image)

Is there anything else you want?:

Comments For Us:


Do you know how to put overrides into your journal?


Of the examples listed below, which one do you want?

Number of boxes:

Number of strips:

Color of strips:

Background color:

Specific font for your text:

What do you want them to say?:

Anything else?:


The override form is just for people that want just one or two things done to their journal, like a border, or a resize of entry boxes, etc. If that's all you need, fill out this form so you don't have to fill out the layout form:

What override(s) do you want?:
Do you know how to merge it/them?:
Do you have other overrides currently in your override box?
Any questions?:
E-mail address:

NOTE: If you already have overrides in your journal and you don't know how to merge them please go to http://breakitdown.fateback.com/transform/ copy and paste your overrides in that box, click "transform" and then add them to your entry. Thank you!

When you click on the 'Blinkies' link you won't be at the blinkies page yet. To get there click on the link second hand down on the left side that says 'Sig/Blinkies'. On that page click on any number 1-6 under the heading 'My Freeware Blinkie Templates'.

Example Blinkie(s) (If you found your own, provide the URL and make sure the blinkie is freeware): (Blinkies)
Font Type:
Font Color: (Hexadecimal Color Code Chart)
What you want it to say:
Comments for Us:

Example Icon:
Image(s) (Provide URL):
Font Type:
Font Color: (Hexadecimal Color Code Chart)
Comments for Us: