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10th-Mar-2009 08:00 pm - Layout Request
RequestCollapse )
A Boys Love

Seriously for the last week i have been trying to make my own layout.. i just can't wrap my head around all the code stuff.  So i will make a request and leave it to the experts.  this is for my fic journal...  and if you take a look at it.. you will see that i am indesperate need to make it look better.. a gazillion times better
If you are not comfortable with what I like to write about and dont want to do it, I understand completley.. trust me..everyone has an opinion.. just keep it to yourself is all that I ask.

But if you do do this for me, i will forever be greatful to you.  thanxs regardless what the outcome is and have a good day!


<center><lj-cut text="Layout Request">
<b>Page title</b>:
A Boys Love

<b>Where would you like your entries?</b> (right, left, center, etc.):


<b>Width of Entries</b> (thin, normal, wide):

Normal or thin... which ever looks best !!

<b>What type of border?</b>(dashed, dotted, double, solid, inset, outset, or none):

ummm... which ever looks best?

- size:(1 being very thin and 10 being the thickest)

what u think is best
- color:

<b>Link colors</b>:
- active: #8B7355
- visited: #FFD39B
- unvisited: #CDAA7D
- hover: # FCF8CD

<b>Link effects</b> (Blur, Glow, Letter Spacing, Overline, Underline and/or Overline, Line-Through, Uppercase, Lowercase, Border, Bold, Italic, Underline, Etc.):

I think that a blur effect or a bold effect would look nice, one or the other.


No special cursoe... if you are talking about the arrow thing

<b>Background color</b>: #F4A460

<b>Background color for journal entries</b>:#FCF8CD

<b>Background URL</b>: just color

<b>Background placement</b>:

<b>Font</b>: Verenda?  sp?

<b>Font color</b>: black er.. whatever

<b>Font size</b>:  i perfer 10.

<b>Scrollbar colors</b>: as  long as it matches.. it doesnt matter.

<b>Page Transition (please give the transition number):</b> 


<b>What do you want your comments to say?:</b>
<b>- Post Comment:</b>    :
<b>- # of Comments:</b>

<b>Any blinkie you want in between your comments?</b>


<b>If so, what? (Provide the website or image):</b>

<b>Is there anything else you want?</b>:

Most definitly.... I want these pics.  I MADE THEM OF OF A dEATH NOT PHOTO.

1. http://s285.photobucket.com/albums/ll56/cheifetteus/?action=view&current=444837313-3.jpg
2. http://s285.photobucket.com/albums/ll56/cheifetteus/?action=view&current=444837313-4.jpg
3 http://s285.photobucket.com/albums/ll56/cheifetteus/?action=view&current=444837313-1-1.jpg

the first somehere in the layout, on the side maybe  [ of a 2 colume]
the second as the header
the third would be the icon.

<b>Comments For Us</b>:

as far as the colors i chose goes, i am not sure at all if they would even work together... so if they dont..please chage them accordingly,but around the smae shade. I am sure that you have a color chart but like the neutral and brownish shades that this site has... http://www.somacon.com/p142.php.  I want the colors to scheme to be soft and gentle and based around the pic.  you can be creative.. as much as you want.. my goal is for the page to look warm and inviting.. and as I said before soft.  if there is anything that comes to mind that you think would lookk neat then go for it i guess.  I am not sure about layout just that I want the entries to be on the right side and the side bar to be on the left.  I also like thing symetricel, and centered.. but if it doesnt look good then that is okay.  I would hover like  the links to their pages of the journal unerneath in a nice font. if that can be done.  you dont have to add a link for friends page if it can even be that way.  simple and clean... oh and a calander??? 

I would like "recent entries" to say "Boydom",  and I would like "archives" to say "The Library" and "user info yo say " The Writer".

I would like the links list to be called  "Take off"                  [ i dont want the quotations on everything ]

also "Tags" to be "BL" in both areas and a spot for a blurb in he side bar. 

I hope that i amnot being to picky.. you said to the detailed so I am trying to be.

like I dais be creative. !?!

Oh and I almost forogt the link to my persoanl lj : http://heimeko.livejournal.com/  it can be called "Heimeko-Chan"




<b>Do you know how to put overrides into your journal?</b>



22nd-Jun-2008 12:58 am - Layout, please?
Layout RequestCollapse ) Thanks! :)
12th-Apr-2008 01:10 pm - layout request
Just a Little Girl
layout requestCollapse )

Please and thanks!
2nd-Apr-2008 08:57 am - Newbie layout request

I put my request in a cut just in case. Thanks!!!
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